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MOT testing is carried out in our VOSA authorized testing facility by fully trained and certified  testers only, the vehicle type we cater for are class 4 - cars and light vans.
A decision to pass or fail is at the discretion of the tester strictly adhering to the guidelines issued by VOSA.

MOT inspections include testing of maintenance that is necessary for the reliable and efficient operation of the vehicle,  the following are scrutinized during the course of an standard MOT test:

  • Lighting and Signalling
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and Road Wheels
  • Seat Belt Restraints
  • Body and Structure
  • Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions

For MOT testing we request that you contact us for an appointment via the details provided - contact us

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Our services garage maintains a comprehensive stock of tyre brands at various sizes, and road surface/terrain types  for cars and light commercial vehicles.

Choosing the right tyres for the right vehicle is important for the vehicles handling, and therefore it is necessary  they are inflated to the correct pressure, are properly balanced as stated by the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations,  and provide you with the most comfort, control and reliability.

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding to replace your tyres, these may result in less noise and improved handling,  if you are unsure we are happy to give advice concerning the condition of your existing tyres and those most compatible for your vehicle and requirements.

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A well maintained exhaust system should be fitted securely, operate efficiently, and not produce excessive harmful emissions and noise above an acceptable level.

A thorough evaluation of your exhausting system can be done by our knowledgeable staff to asses whether the condition may be improved  through either repair or replacement.
For your exhaust and fitting requirements we stock Bosal and Timax products as standard, these are covered by a 2 years manufacturer's warranty.

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Batteries are available from our services garage for many types of vehicle including cars, motorbikes, caravans and tractors.  We provide charging and testing of your immediate battery, or replace for a new battery covered for up to 3 years by manufacturer's warranty.

In the interest of protecting the natural environment from unnecessary waste, batteries deemed unusable are handed over for recycling.
Battery recycling is a recycling activity that aims to reduce the number of batteries being disposed as municipal solid waste. Batteries  contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals; their dumping has raised concern over risks of soil contamination and water pollution.

Most types of batteries can be recycled. However, some batteries are recycled more readily than others, such as lead-acid automotive batteries, where nearly 90% are recycled.

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For a thorough servicing of your vehicle there are numerous maintenance procedures which need carried out at a set time interval  or after a certain distance travelled

We service all makes of car and light commercial vehicle, and would advise a service to be carried out prior to an MOT testing.

Common maintenance tasks include:

  • Changing Oil
  • Replacing Filters
  • Replacing Spark Plugs
  • Engine Tuning
  • Fluid Checks for Brakes, Steering and Transmission
  • Grease and Lubricate Components
  • Inspecting the condition of the Timing Belt
  • Checking tyre condition and pressures

Further to routine maintenance, mechanical parts will be inspected and advised upon following a vehicle servicing.

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All types of mechanical repairs are carried out in our well equipped garage facilities by competent mechanics.

The brake products fitted by us, we ensure are of the highest quality suitable for your vehicle.

Discs, pads, callipers, cables and shoes for cars and light commercial vehicles.

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Utilising modern, calibrated and certificated Bradbury and Snap-on diagnostics testing equipment, along with software interfaces,  we may effectively assess the data on your vehicles on-board diagnostics.

Since its introduction, established diagnostics testing has became a more refined proceedure where modern on-board diagnostics implementations in your vehicle use a standardised digital  communications port, providing real-time data in addition to a standardised series of diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, which assist our testers  to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle

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